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February 2-4, 2011 - Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, FL

M2M Evolution Conference: In Progress


Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Key Drivers of the M2M Industry in 2011
Jeff Smith CTO -Numerex
The presentation will address the key trends that are shaping the direction of the M2M industry in 2011. One of the critical watershed events of the last 18 months is the arrival on a global scale of the wireless carriers into the M2M market. Confronted with the restricted potential of the voice business, these operators are now turning to “machine data” to fuel their growth. Dramatic module cost decrease has been, at the same time, an additional catalyst speeding up the renewed interest in the wide range of M2M possibilities. Thanks to these recent developments and other private e.g., IBM’s smarter planet program and governmentfunded initiatives e.g., smart grid projects, M2M is on the verge of becoming mainstream. With increased visibility, the M2M industry is also facing new challenges, among which security threats as exemplified by the 2010 Stuxnet worm attack on Iranian SCADA systems. Dr. Jeff Smith, Chairman of the Telecommunications Industry Association TIAs Smart Device Communications Standards Committee and Chief Technology Officer of Numerex, will review some of these challenges with a particular focus on the BusinesstoBusiness M2M market.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
The Device Ahead
Oliver Amiot Director, Marketing Enterprise -Sierra Wireless
In the Consumer device the space is getting crowded not only literally but physically, What are the issues driving M2M development, Unlike the consumer market can solutions be built that are simple and rely on one radio frequency strategy. What should we learn from the consumer market and will it impact how M2M solutions are deployed at home and at work?
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Open For Business
Dan McDuffie VP of Sales -Wyless
Standards and nextgen architectures are important and they have been debated in two earlier sessions, but today’s environment is open for business. In fact, it’s wide open. Developers write to APIs and minimal knowledge of the value chain is needed. Application and device management platforms do the heavy lifting. Nothing new is needed on the modem front; there’s huge choice of certified products. The data streams employ IP, as do the open, intelligent, global networks. The key message of this session is the fact that there’s no need to wait.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Spanning the Distance M2M
Robert Mazer Principal -ACP
Let’s get practical. What solutions work in what spaces and what solutions need multiple device strategies. Is Zigbee a default for the floor and satellite the solution for worldwide. When do we use several components to solve the problem. As we get smaller devices for more mobile users what drives the use of gateways to connect end points.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Marketing to Masses Driving M2M
Carol Glennon CEO -Renu Mobile
2D Barcodes, Augmented Reality and Digital Signs all of these are playing into the next generation of mass marketing via mobility. Are these separate market strategies this panel of marketing Gurus talk about how they are using M2M to catch our attention and persuade our purchases.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
M2M in the Cloud
Thomas Howe CEO -Light and Electric
Chris Celeberti CEO -Clever Spoke
Enterprise apps are moving into the cloud and M2M will move into mainstream ICT environments. However, the architectures are intrinsically different. As well as the need for standards, sharing of common components is a key feature of virtualization as well as nextgeneration allIP networks, e.g. provisioning and managing data SIMs is an intrinsic function. Can we therefore expect to see standardsbased netcentric platforms enabling M2M apps in future? Lots of challenges but enormous potential.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
T-M2M Strategy and Technology Update
Shelby Nokes Business Development Manager -T-Mobile Emerging Markets M2M
TMobile’s Shelby Nokes will discuss the TM2M strategy; the evolution of M2M Vertical Markets; TMobile’s International M2M efforts; and the company’s strategy for working with Integrators and other partners. In this session Shelby Nokes will provide an update on TMobile’s network, as well as the company’s latest billing technology which simplifies international roaming. If you’re a systems integrator, service provider, or device manufacturer, make sure to attend this update.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
M2M for Supply Chain Visibility:
C.H. Robinson Case Study
Nikki Cuban VP of Marketing and Business Development -OnAsset Intelligence, Inc.
Chris McLoughlin Manager of Cargo Risk Management -C.H. Robinson Worldwide
Founded in 1905, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. is a global provider of multimodal logistics services, fresh produce sourcing, and information services to 35,000 customers through a network of more than 230 offices and approximately 7,500 employees around the world.

At the M2M Evolution Conference in Miami, C.H. Robinson and OnAsset Intelligence will share a deployment story describing how M2M technology is taking GPS to a new level. By delivering nextgeneration asset tracking capabilities with sensorbased, remote situational awareness users gain visibility in the supply chain, minimize losses and govern operating procedures.

This session, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 2, from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m., will:
Discuss how M2M technology has enhanced the way C.H. Robinson manages its operations and delivery of goods via ground and air freight using a single platform.
Reveal how C.H. Robinson, along with Flemming Cargo Securement, has used M2M technology to prevent theft in the supply chain.
Share Lessons OnAsset Intelligence has learned in developing its stateoftheart M2Mbased technologies.

If you are a service provider, device manufacturer, or an enterprise executive interested in controlling costs in your supply chain, plan to attend this case study presentation at M2M Evolution.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Location Based M2M Opportunities
Michael Grossi Consultant -Altman Vilandrie
Navigation systems are the most apparent solution in the LBS market but for M2M the opportunities range from tracking pets and medical to fleets and packages. In reality the opportunities for LBS to be utilized expand as the ability to deliver data intensive services. How will our reality be augemented by LBS applications. Come and find out.
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Business to Business:
A Growing Target for the LBS Market
Rick Burtner SVP and GM -Numerex
Locationbased services LBS have become increasingly common as a consumer solution with the rapid evolution of mobile phones. Gartner predicts that the number of LBS users is set to double to 95.7 million this year. LBS continues to grow steadily in the businesstobusiness space as well through emerging M2M applications. With new channels, industry regulations, and compelling ROI scenarios derived from valuedriven application management systems, LBS are flourishing in the government/public sector, industrial sector, transportation and insurance industries.

Whats next for LBS: Businesses will require new applications such as sensor technologies and geopositional tracking, while at the same time require LBS providers to provide measurable ROI and address key industry trends such as data security, global standards and cloud computing to name a few. Are you ready to deliver the next phase of locationbased services to the B2B world?
Wednesday - 02/02/11
Wrap Up
Claude Hayn -Community Developer IMHO Consulting Corporation
Thursday, February 03, 2011
Thursday - 02/03/11
High-speed air interfaces
Mike Ueland Vice President and General Manager -Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc.
Most apps are not bandwidth intensive. Video over 2.5G is acceptable, so why do we need the seriously high data rates of HSPD and LTE? Developing and certifying these nextgen modules is going to be expensive. This session will examine another NGN issue. They’re allIP in the core so operators want allIP air interfaces. M2M apps have long life cycles and in time 2G/2.5G and even 3G networks will have been retired. This challenge has to be faced, even when the good times are rolling.
Thursday - 02/03/11
The mHealth Initiative
Oliver Amiot Director, Marketing Enterprise -Sierra Wireless
Dan McDuffie VP of Sales -Wyless
Mike Ueland Vice President and General Manager -Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc.
It’s easy to overhype the potential of mHealth. Assisted living and apps for smartphones are good for headlines and few would doubt the value of M2M in this sector. A revolution has started: one that has significant social and economic benefits, but healthcare is an ecosystem: one that embraces many entrenched players that have different requirements. Application developers need to understand those requirements as well as the culture.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Top Considerations when Making an M2M Network Services Decision
Stein Soelberg Director of Marketing -KORE Telematics
In this presentation, attendees will learn which factors should be considered when making an M2M network services decision. Whether developing a wireless solution for mHealth, LBS, utilities, security or any other vertical, certain basic principles can be followed to create an efficient and effective M2M strategy.

Stein Soelberg of KORE Telematics will provide insight on how attendees can speed the process of device certification, take advantage of multiple networks for seamless roaming and centralize device management through one portal. The presenter will also address considerations such as pricing plans specific to M2M applications, minimizing network usage, international roaming issues and longterm device upgradeability and reliability.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Seeing is Believing: Video Surveillance
Craig Steen -Clear2there
Tom Shafron CEO -Viewbiquity
“Trust but Verify” has long been a mantra in the world of International Politics. Today video surveillance is everywhere from municipalities to transportation. What are the requirements for Video Surveillance and what can we do to make them more effective? Are we focusing on the right trees or does it looking at a fuzzy forest?
Thursday - 02/03/11
Wireless Robotics
Ron Johnson CEO -Robot Row
Steve Barker Lego Mindstorm Evangelist -HiTechnic
Ill be back was the line in the Terminator, but for the state of the industry now, it should be I am more than a toy. This session features a discussion of Wireless Robotics and some of the most interesting prototyping is being done using Legos Mindstorm products. We are going to learn about the Internets generation of hobbying that features a Java System.
Thursday - 02/03/11
M2M Agriculture
Lew Roth Vice President -Partners 1993
Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. Actually that is not true in M2M where the climate is monitored in advance and the crops are protected from erosion, frost and other natural weather experiences. M2M in Agriculture is being done today for crops and in locations you would be amazed to see. Hear how the food on your table is benefiting from the machines being discussed here.
Thursday - 02/03/11
Todd Rowley VP of 4G -Sprint
Mr. Rowley will provide some real insight into how one of the nation’s leading carriers is providing for a real 4G Mobile Internet experience
Thursday - 02/03/11
Jeff Ford CEO -Apriva
Mr. Ford will discuss the issues of providing security to wireless networks that are now riding the Internet. Issues of privacy and security have always been a matter of question with regards to the Internet. Jeff shares his experience in delivering solutions for our wireless future.